Computer Aided Creativity

Optimal structures are not just economical, they are also natural and beautiful. Starting from just an unconstrained design space, TopShape can help generate creative design ideas through optimization. The video on the left shows TopShape creating its own logo.

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Easy to use

One of our focuses for the tool is the ease of use. We don’t sacrifice usability for the shake of functionality. We believe engineers of the post-Iphone era deserve tools that doesn’t have a leaning curve or ones that take less than 30 minutes of learning to start using. TopShape doesn’t need a user manual. Instead, we provide short and concise tutorial video about 3 minutes each. And that is all users need for getting started.



Micro-lattice offers a unique ability to create super light-weight structures. The top portion of the picture on the left is a micro-lattice created by Boeing and claimed to be the lightest material ever made. In fact, there are regions that don’t require as much material strength as other regions in a structure. Thus, using a solid material through out is not optimal. TopShape can optimize the level of porosity at every point in structures and automatically generate the micro-lattice geometries accordingly. Many types of microstructures, including solid lattice and hollow tube lattice of several lattice types are supported.

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Cloud computing and high-performance computing (HPC) with ease

Cloud computing and high-performance computing have never been easier. Without any setup, any user can readily use the Amazon Elastic Computing cluster with computing power that is unheard of for desktops. For large corporation having private high-performance computing (HPC) cluster, TopShape provices maximum automation for cluster interaction. In fact, users will feel just like using their personal computer.

Coud Computing and HPC