On microstructure design

Some recent news on microstructure design:

Article about MIT on CNN

Article about Boeing on Forbes

Microstructure determines material properties. With 3D printing technology, we can fabricate tailored microstructure which is optimal for specific purpose. More over, the microstructure can vary in geometry and density throughout the structure, thus allowing boundless exotic functionalities.

Refer to this video […]

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Topology optimization for tailored energy propagation

This plate is support along its bottom surface and subjected to a uniform impulse load over its top surface. Color indicates the total (strain plus kinetic) energy history. By optimizing the microstructure we focus the energy to the bottom center region. Le, C., T. E. Bruns, and D. A. Tortorelli, “Material Microstructure Optimization for Energy […]

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Topology Optimization Overview

There is a bit of history in the name. At first, people started optimizing things like truss member sizes. This is called Size Optimization. Then came Shape Optimization to answer questions like what is the optimal shape for the openings in the web of an I-beam. Shape optimization is a bit more sophisticated than size […]

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